Juniors Coaching

Nurture your child in an effective Badminton foundation and fun based sports environment.
The right foundation for badminton starts with the right coaching with the best state of the art facility. At Racketry we have the best badminton coaching classes for children starting from Age 6.

All coaching sessions planned by our mentor Mr. Aditya Elango, former men’s world #80 in 2011 & India Junior #2.

  • Dedicated Coaches with Proven Training Methodology
  • Holistic Training
  • Focus on Social, Physical and Mental Fitness
  • State of the art facility
  • Flexible batches and Fees
  • Personalized attention to every Child


  • Learning the fundamentals of holding a grip, basic
    footwork & strokes.

  • Coordination Drills and Balancing and are trained.

  • Typically it takes an individual 12-24 months to get familiar with the sport, its movements and develop the basic racket skills necessary to play all the short in badminton. When a player gets familiar with the movements and shots he is elevated to intermediate player level.


  • Learn more advanced strokes and routines.

  • Intense strength workouts and agility training.

  • When an Intermediate player improves on the accuracy of his shots and develops the physical attributes necessary like speed, agility and endurance, he is ready to transform into a professional player.

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